Is it possible to make a city visible to itself and its inhabitants?

What process will provide a platform that literally reveals the complexity of place. Where being a part of a population can mean that you are ten percent of the local population or the other ninety percent that is comprised of nearly 200 nationalities.

The Circle Game, is a commission realized by the conceptual artist Mary Ellen Carroll / MEC, studios for Alserkal Avenue interrogates these questions and propositionally sets up the conditions for there to be answers made by the individual, be that as a local, a foreign resident or even a tourist.

The two site specific works of art include the 5-story structure that utilizes standard construction scaffolding to erect an architected edifice within the yard of Alserkal Avenue and the permanent commission of the two channel letter LED signs that read, WHEN DID YOU ARRIVE and WHEN WILL YOU RETURN.

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